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When we create a game we are not just making a toy or play thing. We are creating an opportunity for us to experience something. Another world, another reality. Through this interactive experience, we learn things about our world and ourselves. We like playing because we like learning. So whether you are developing a new Xbox title or Foldup Boardgame we can help you create the right environment for the experience.

The Design Process

Moorhouse Media has a long-term proven track record in creating high-quality custom design solutions to our clients’ unique requirements. With over 12 years of professional design experience, we have perfected the design process at every stage to help ensure that the investment into your brand is optimized at every opportunity.

Brand Research
The first stage of the creative process involves research around your intended brand image, brand positioning and the unique selling points of your competitive market space. This, in conjunction with your design specification and preferences, forms the basis of how we will proceed with your game design project.
Design & Development
Concept Presentation
Quality Deliverables

Project Start

A non-refundable 50% Deposit is required to initiate the work on your game design project. Once the payment has been processed and we have received all your vital project information we will start working through the design process.

Project Completion

Once the final game designs have been approved, we require the remaining 50% payment in order to finalize the project deliverables and release the project deliverables to you.

Release of Artwork

Upon final payment, your chosen game designs and respective files will be finalized and delivered electronically via email or Dropbox.

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Game Design


We’ve eliminated the guesswork and created 3 packages to help you get started.


This includes all the basic assets and components you will need to launch your new game in store with a professional and polished look. It's ideal if you have everything taken care of and just want to make a great first impression. Suitable for all markets.
  • 1 Game Icon Design
  • 1 Main Game Splash Screen Design
  • 5 Preview/Screenshot Designs
  • JPG & Transparent PNG
Total Price


This package is ideal if you have already finalized most of the areas of your new game and you are wanting to polish up on the presentation side of the loading screen, menu and game icon, ensuring a great first experience. Suitable for all platforms.
  • 1 Game Icon Design
  • 1 Main Game Loading Screen Design
  • 1 Main Game Menu Screen Design
  • AI/CDR & Transparent PNG
Total Price


This package is ideal if you have a game that needs some new or updated character images to help showcase the characters featured within your game. It includes all the file formats you would need to incorporate it into your game, menu, website or marketing campaign.
  • 1 Unique Character Concept
  • 3 Character Positions/Scenarios
  • 1 Revision to Each Concept
  • AI/CDR & Transparent PNG
Total Price


They’re dynamic and creative, their turn-around time is outstanding and they have excellent customer service. I give them my highest recommendation.
Charl van der Walt
Charl van der Walt
CEO - Founder
I can say that they possess unique knowledge, abilities, and experience that sets them apart from their professional peers.
Daniel Cuthbert
Daniel Cuthbert
Chief Operating Officer
He worked closely with me & the executive team to develop a unique visual brand that stands apart & enhances the quality of our reputation with our clients & prospects.
Joel Lagan
Joel Lagan
Assistant Vice President

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