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Over the years Moorhouse Media has had the priveledge of working with numerous NPO’s, Charitable Organizations and Ministries which lacked the funding to be able to make the impact they desperately needed with their brands. Through our knowledge and experience we have been able to help them build trustworthy identities and provide them with much needed support and expertise to generate a renewed interest in their causes. This has included logo design, web design, print design and many other areas. We’re very pleased to have been involved in the growth and development of these initiatives and hope for many more continued successes.


Crossroads Child & Youth Care Centre is a small “village” within Matatiele comprising 9 houses; each with three bedrooms, kitchen, lounge and dining area. Two house-parents are allocated to 1 house which is home to up to 8 children. 60 + children live on the property in a comfortable, safe and stable environment. Two of the homes are used for children who are in high care. There is a communal playground, library, hall, “clinic” and a small school. The intake includes orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable babies and children ranging from new-born to three-years of age.


When Siyakhula was first established there were a number of children who had been living on the streets for some time. It was extremely difficult to find an immediate solution due to various circumstances. One being that the youngsters had forged a bond over time and therefore separation from each other was not an easy option. The boys were all reintegrated into school. If necessary a private tutor was used to help the boys attain the required standards for their grade. They attended church and church-related youth meetings as well as soccer leagues. When the boys turned sixteen, they were given the opportunity to earn their own money and learn a trade to prepare them for independence.

Masifundeni Sonke

Post-Matric students have been afforded the opportunity to train and gain practical skills through apprenticeship and long distance-learning opportunities, provided by the institution. These initiatives have finally culminated in the launch of Masifundeni Sonke. Masifundeni Sonke is an internal training initiative allowing for the capacity building of Child Welfare staff and stakeholders in order to increase service delivery and efficiency within the organization. It forms the education and training division of Child Welfare South Africa-Matatiele and aims to equip caregivers, foster parents, older children at the facility and office staff.


In 2008 Asibavikele was established to address the social needs in the towns of Matatiele and Cedarville as well as six villages surrounding Matatiele. At present (2010) there are 36 volunteers serving in this capacity, taking care of services such as Food parcels (donated), Clothing, Bedding, General prevention education, Grants and pensions, Referrals, Education, Social worker services and protection and Shelter intervention. A girl-child initiative was recently launched to educate, empower and prepare young girls to deal with issues related to female vulnerability.

Social Services

Social services are offered to the public. Child Welfare SA-Matatiele social workers and other qualified staff operate from an office located in Matatiele. Although a wide range of social services are offered, the focus is to promote the interests, well-being, safety and development of children within the context of family and community. This is accomplished through various avenues.

Sediba Sa Tshepo

Ntebo Klaas is a young nurse living in the district of Maluti. For some years Mrs. Klaas visited sick and destitute villagers in their homes. She shared whatever food and basic necessities she could afford. As she moved around the community the awareness of the enormity of the need became overwhelming and so she gathered a group of women to assist her (as volunteers). Child Welfare South Africa, Matatiele, have supported her in various applications for funding which have been successful and have set her on the road to greater heights. At Ntebo’s request, Liz Whittle, Chairperson of Child Welfare Matatiele, will continue to mentor her until she feels that she is ready to “go it alone”.


DuckDuckGo is the flight of a virtual Goose named DuckDuck who is looking for a new home in his dwindling habitat before he runs out of fuel! You can Encourage him with a Tweet using #DuckDuckGo, make a donation to organizations that help birds like him or give us a contribution to keep this site up in the air. DuckDuck Go is a social experimental initiative designed to create maximum awareness about the plight of our worlds endangered bird species. Fuelled by nothing more than a little hashtagging and goodwill donations & contributions.

FBCSA Youth Camps

Every year the Fellowship of Baptist Churches in South Africa holds two different youth camps for children of primary and secondary school ages. The Senior Youth Camp operates for a full week and includes games, activities, sports for entertainment and is centered around a structured and organized praise & worship time, discipleships, training and devotional times. The children who attend these camps come from all over South Africa from many different background, social and family situations. A missionary pastor is often invited as a guest speaker to direct the theme and purpose of the camp for the whole event.

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